Art and Design

Realizing as a career option

Understanding Visual Art

I would love to define the term art as A visible impression of human mind in the form of colors and shapes, which is inspired by spontaneous feelings or emotions. The term attracts most of us because of its use in today’s commercial world and it attracts me because of its history. I am charmed by the fact that the art was invented before a language was developed. The humans were able to tell stories through line art before they could communicate well.

However, we all love art and wish to posses beautiful things in our lives. These beautiful things you see in supermarkets and love to shop are also pieces of art and crafted by designers to suit your eyes. An art and a design are two different things technically but we can combine them by the term visual art.


There are unlimited possibilities for an artist (or a designer) because visual art has explored its branches more than you can imagine. While options are really many but you have to be specialized in one to start a career.